Oct – Dec 2016

Grid + Labour  

=  Form + Space + time

Coming off the Grid, 2016

Grid by itself

Grid = repetition = duration = now = timelessness = silence = light = formlessness = breaking down form = nothingness = lightness = merging = potential  (Agnes Martin + me)

The grid
The Grid as Generator of Form, 2016, acrylic on board, nails, wire, 60 x 80cm

There is a nail marking each intersection of the lines. Once finished, I used the nails as anchor points to weave a wire across.


Time Mapping

Labour = Time + Energy ⇒ Space occupied by 2D forms

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Time Mapping, 2016

I wanted to study the relationship between time and space.
Whilst repeating the same gesture over time and tracing the lines it generates, time takes up space.

I was inspired by the work of On Kawara (Today), Tehching Hsieh (Punching the Clock) and Roman Opalka’ Program.

This idea is part of an ongoing investigation of space and time, during which I am exploring various medium and style.

It is not about boundaries, it is about space and time.

Labour is time and energy and is transformed into form, organic or architectural construction ⇒ first law of thermodynamic: ‘Rien ne se perd, rien ne se cree, tout se transforme.’

Space and Time 2016

Form is Void and Void is Form…

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