Beyond Boundaries

30.03.17   THE HUB, Brook Street, Tonbridge

Beyond Boundaries is a group show I curated in collaboration with 7 other artists. It explores the multifarious forms of boundaries and their ramifications. What are boundaries? Who are they for? Why do we deem them necessary on one hand and transgress them on the other?

Carolyn Morris, Sparkle Horse, 2017, doll’s house, ash and video work, 24 seconds, looped
Artist’s comment for the show:  Category Error

About Sparkle Horse:

1 – It most encapsulates the underlying idea of the show.

It visually transcribes the multidimensional perception of boundaries in scale and meaning:

We are sometimes least safe in the places we expect to be safest. We are walled in with the enemy, which is what happens in civil war and domestic abuse. Carolyn Morris, 2017

2 – This piece was a collaborative and experimental work between Carolyn and me, and so I grew attached to it.

It started with Carolyn’s doll’s house which I felt had a place in the show but was almost too sterile for it. I wanted to see more of Carolyn in the piece. She decided to let off some fireworks inside. I asked her to film the experiment. With her approval, I then played the video onto the house and we both discovered the incredible layers it produced.

The fireworks seem to be happening inside the house and then on the wall behind, you see the smoke – merveilleux! Carolyn Morris, 2017

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