Chromatic Shapes

tertiary chromatic shapes
Tertiary Chromatic Shapes

These were executed for the Zeitgeist show

In this work I have reduced primary colours to basic geometric shapes and expanded this system to the first tertiary colours of the colour wheel.

Reflecting on Zeitgeist, I thought I could draw out the geometric shapes associated with the colours of each European flag. These colours, which symbolise and encapsulate the beliefs and cultural identities of the countries they represent, would then be reduced to an arrangement of basic geometric shapes. Since most flags display primary and secondary colours and since the latter are the result of combined primary colours, one can expect that this arrangement would present many repetitions and it would become difficult to identify which flag is which. Instead, the work might evoke more fundamental distinctions about what it means to be human, such as the ability to reflect and solve complex problems.

At this stage, the proposal for this project remains an idea, or rather just an ideal.

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