Visualising Sound Waves

Visualising Sound Waves, 2017, acrylic on latex sheets 33 x 33 cm

Visualising Sound Waves considers sound as visual perception.

This work was created for Wavelengths, a group show comprising nine contemporary female artists responding to Virginia Woolf’s novel. The show is currently touring – See updates on News.

Woolf and sound:
  • In her Novel The Waves, Woolf is thought to be ‘writing to a rhythm and not to a plot’. She was listening to Beethoven as she wrote and drew from his work structurally.
  • Woolf also listened to the radio as her husband, Leonard, was a regular broadcaster.
  • The sounds of war, air-raid warnings, the buzz of low-flying planes, the noises of bombs exploding and glass tinkling, the rate of machine-guns and anti-aircraft fire were all a common occurrence. (Virginia Woolf: An Inner Life By Julia Briggs)

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