RED, group show, 21.01.23 – 18.02.23

Kaleidoscope Gallery, Buckhurst Lane, Sevenoaks TN13 1LQ – Curated by Rosalind Baker and Sue Evans,

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Inconspicuous Weave 2023, tulip wood, acrylics, water colours, Posca and Tombow brush Pens

RED: Exhibition view

RED explores the nuances of the colour red on red textures and surfaces. The exhibition accompanies the British Library touring exhibition CHINESE and BRITISH that celebrates the history and legacy of the vibrant Chinese community in the UK.

It was a very liberating experience to work with colour. In my work I do not use colours, unless my exploration is about colours. Working with a limited palette and being restricted to shades, tones and tint of red was a great way to explore how far one hue can be stretched and still be referred to by its colour name.
It was strangely freeing and fun to work within these strict parameters: I really enjoyed that I did not have to justify my decisions. It was interesting too that in being concealed, the wood became a less relevant material which gave the work a complete different feel and possibly making it more pertinent to my ongoing exploration of reality. Food for thought!! 🙂

Hanging in the Balance II, group show, 02.11.22 – 19.11.22

Kaleidoscope Gallery, Buckhurst Lane, Sevenoaks TN13 1LQ – Curated by Elisabeth Murton as part of her residency and supported by Arts Council England.

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‘Hanging in the Balance ll’ was a group show that ran in conjunction with Elizabeth Murton’s residency at the Kaleidoscope gallery in Sevenoaks.
Elizabeth explored themes of ‘transformation and connectivity, considering ecosystems of all kinds and the delicate dynamic balance that exists within them.’

My work ‘It Never Ends’ is an ongoing process that documents fragmented impressions of daily activities repeated in space and time. Doing and undoing, concealing and revealing, there is a constant quest to adapt and relate, to be in sync with our social and natural environment. It is mirrored in this piece in the search for visual balance between material and ‘empty’ space as well as parity of materials within the form. With this in mind, each element occupies the space its properties and specifications allow, whilst giving the other the ‘scope’ to realise its optimum development. In this particular work, the crocheted cells, which are consolidating the form, are associated with quieter, contemplative phases.